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Women Short Films 3, Oktagon Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia 2003

Minikino Special, Danes Art Verandah, Denpasar, Bali Indonesia 2003

Circe De Medicine Paperveins Museum Of Art Biennal NYC USA 2002

European Media Arts Festival, Osnubruk GERMANY 2002

Exemplary collection Australian Center of Moving Image AUSTRALIA

Eat Carpet - televised screening on SBS Australia 2001 -2003

Three studies for a Portrait

No. 3 Tommorrow

drected by Tina Gonsalves

Sound by Tina Gonsalves

created 2001 2.40 minute

The camera traces the trajectories of his body in motion, slowing down and magnifying the subtle forms of movement. The past is no more, and the future is not yet. But its by using those memories and future associations that I try to decode who you are. What is past? Present? Future?

No.1 Yesterday

No.2 Today

No.3 Tomorrow