Tina Gonsalves: somewhere in between series 02, series of 16, 2005

A sense of drama conveyed by a small single figure, set against an ambiguous landscape. Perspective depth shifts as the tiny figure looks out to what seems like infinite and overwhelming terrain. As we get caught up and often besieged by our everyday problems, the images of Somewhere in Between attempts to remind us of the insignificance of these day to day struggles, and how life just continues on, new life evolves.

Each print is begins as a photograph of landscapes and seascapes taken around the world over many years. These images are then digitally manipulated so that the details become indistinct, leaving them barely discernable as landscapes. Each is then burnt to photographic negative and hand printed by the artist in a colour darkroom onto archival paper. The figure is finally hand screen printed onto the image. Each photograph is then repainted, collaged and at times etched into.

Tina Gonsalves: somewhere in between series 01, series of 16, 2004