Somewhere in Between: Version 4 : 3 minutes 2005

Direction: Tina Gonsalves / Sound: Takeko Akematso

BBC Bigger Picture, Manchester, UK 2006

Hull Short Film Festival, Hull, UK 2006

White Chapel Gallery, Wormhole Salon, London, UK 2006

Port Shorts Film Festival, AUSRALIA 2006

Gigantic Art Space, NYC, USA 2006

European Media Arts Festival, Osnabruk, GERMANY 2006

Museum of the World Ocean, KALINGRAD, 2006

Arc Biennal, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA 2005

Helen Gory Gallery, Melbourne AUSTRALIA 2005


Devos Gallery, Michigan, USA 2005

This video explores shifts of realities. Using the real world as the point of departure, Somewhere In Between takes visions of horizons taken around the world at twilight. Mixing misty lakes in Scotland with the polluted waters of Bombay; tropical waters of the Caribbean and the muddy waters of Northern Australia. These visions are then broken down and whittled away, reconfigure to make another reality. They are manipulated such that their details become indistinct, leaving them barely discernable as seascapes. These revisions reflect our tenuous hold on memory, the impact our emotional state can have upon the past and present. The image focuses on a never ending seascape horizon. These visions are slowly decayed over time to suggest another reality, leaving them barely discernable as seascapes.

Somewhere in Between - version 4 explores how memory and emotions can effect our sense of  time and reality. The piece uses the voice of the artist's deceased grandfather, recorded near to his death, as he discusses his fears of life and fears of death.

The piece documents my grandfathers death and my nephews beginning of life. 

UK Guardian - September 2004

"This enchanting video piece captured a six-week transatlantic sail from Cape Verde to the Caribbean by the Australian artist Tina Gonsalves. Training her camera on the horizon, she documented the misty impressions glimpsed between sunrise and sunset on her journey, the orange sun beaming across the ocean like some undiscovered planet. Her slow and steady expedition across the water alludes both to the wonder of 19th-century exploration, the excitement of uncharted territories somewhere between reality and imagination, and the futuristic idealism of space travel in the night sky overhead. The result is a mesmerising record of travel across vast expanses of the earth rarely experienced in modern life".

Jessica Lack
Artsway, to Oct 1