Somewhere in Between: Studies in Translocation is a four channel video exploration that explores shifts of reality. Using the real world as a point of departure, we are presented with visions of horizon taken during a six week trans-atlantic sail from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean. These visions are then broken down and whittled away, reconfigured to suggest another reality. They are manipulated such that the details become indistinct, leaving them barely discernable as seascapes. These revisions reflect our own tenuous hold on memory and the impact our emotional state can have on the past and the present. The installation explore shifting realities, the nature of intimacy, and an engagement with time and distances.

The footage is used as metaphors for emotional spaces, investigating the parameters of time and space and their physical and emotional effect on people. This creates an atmosphere that is an intensified, illusory version of reality.The four channels are projected over two black walls in a dark room.

synopsis pdf "Somewhere in Between"