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Circe De Medicine Paperveins Museum Of Art Biennal NYC USA 2002

European Media Arts Festival, Osnabruk GERMANY 2002

Exemplary collection Australian Center of Moving Image AUSTRALIA

Eat Carpet - televised screening on SBS Australia 2001 -2003



Direction/ sound : Tina Gonsalves

created 2001 2.20 minutes


Resonate weaves a tapestry of mutated portraits of the internal/and external body, playing between hallucination and reality. It is a fluid piece that seeks to explore how people shift through our lives . Who do I let into my life, who do I trust? When do I open up? Why is it that I can have so many people around me but feel so alone? Finally it moves into the isolation of the individual. It talks about loneliness and aloneness. In essence, we are always alone.