Veiw a selection of Residue using Quicktime


3.50 minutes

created 1998

Direction and Sounds: Tina Gonsalves

Snack on Art TV – screening on public/cable TV, New York City, USA 2002


[D]vision Media Arts festival (a retrospective of work by Tina Gonsalves and Mark Eden) Vienna AUSTRIA 2000

Shorst in Orbit Film Festival Melbourne AUSTRALIA 1999

Independent Exposure World Tour 1999

Tubor and Roots - a Lunch Box Recording Event - The Living Room NYC USA 1999

Paperviens Project screening at Gallery 128 - NYC USA 1998

Paperviens Project screening installation and performance at Galapogas NYC USA 1998

Residue is an expressionistic animation/video piece that glances into the confines of fractured identities. The pressure to be popular, the craving to be liked and approved of, and the fear of loneliness erodes the psyche leaving a residue of self doubts, self hatred and self bereavement - to finally realise that ultimately you are always alone. Is there comfort in that? Does anxiety and fear sit at the root of the human condition? Psychosomatically, how is fear rendered on the physical body ? The original sound explores a rich textural trance state suspended with digitally effected samples of voice and every day life.