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Memoirs of my Reproduction 1.5 minutes created 1997

direction and sound: Tina Gonsalves


[D]vision Media Arts festival (a retrospective of work by Tina Gonsalves) Vienna AUSTRIA 2000

Global Multimedia Interface Projected on four storey tall screen in Leicester Square FACT UK 1999/2000

VideoLounge@The Knitting Factory NYC USA 1999

Eat Carpet - televised screening on SBS Australia 1999

Tubor and Roots - a Lunch Box Recording Event - The Living Room NYC USA 1999

Independent Exposure World Tour 1999

Melbourne Film Festival AUS 1998

Sydney Film Festival / Dlux screening ‘Mousetrap’ Sydney AUS 1998

Paperviens Project – screening installation at Gallery 128 - NYC USA 1998

A playful look at the concept of reproduction. Monstrous figures, made of collaged human body parts, parade the ‘stage of life’ to perform ritual mating acts. Is this where I come from?