FEEL:INSIDE : Responsive bio-feedback installation 2006 (version 2) 2006

The audience enters a darkened room. The audience is presented with a large video pro-jection of the artist’s face. A camera sensros the movement of the audience. The emotional expression of the artist’s face is reflective of the audience’s emotional state, appraised in a general way by audience movement. If the audience is calm, her face becomes still and meditative. Alternatively, anxious movement of the audience is mimicked in the anxiousness of the artist's face.

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FEEL:INSULA : responsive biofeedback installation 2006/07

Feel.Insula is an intimate and vulnerable responsive video installation driven by the stillness of the audience. In a darkened space, a video is projected on the wall. It is of the artist under hypnosis. Under hypnosis, the artist is asked to re-experience potent emotional memories of her life. As soon as the viewer enters the space, the artist wakes up from hypnosis. Only after the audience is completely still does the video fall back into weaving the stories re-lived under hypnosis.

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FEEL:TRACE : responsive biofeedback installation 2006/07

Using biosensors, the participant’s heart rate responses are monitored. An audio narrative, created by a clinical hypnotist, induces varying emotional responses in the viewer. Sensors begin to diagnose patterns of internal arousal states of the body, picking up how the body is responding to the imagery. Dependant on the heart rate of the viewer, a pre-shot database of salient affective video stimulus is triggered. This database has been tested scientifically for their potent psycho-physiological effects on central and autonomic nervous systems.

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FEEL<PERSIRE: (not released) responsive biofeedback installation 2007

The participant’s sweat is monitored using a bio-sensor attached to their finger. When the participant becomes calm, images of clouds verge into abstraction, becoming quite blurry and reminiscent of Rothko’s paintings. If the participant became more nervous, the clouds grow to be more stormy and violent, enveloping the participant in their fury.


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MEDULLA INTIMATA : A responsive video jewellery project (collaboration with Tom Donaldson) 2004

Medulla Initmata is a necklace that contains a video screen and biometric sensors. The sensors (using analysis of the emotional tone of the conversation) monitor the wearer’s emotions to guide real-time video-generation that evokes a sense of seeing beneath the surface of the skin, exposing the emotional and physical inner body.

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Somewhere in Between: Studies in Translocation: Video Installation 2003

The installation explore shifting realities, the nature of intimacy, and an engagement with time and distances. The footage is used as metaphors for emotional spaces, investigating the parameters of time and space and their physical and emotional effect on people. This creates an atmosphere that is an intensified, illusory version of reality.

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Endure : Video Installation 2003

Tina Gonsalves has captured herself running on a treadmill at a very fast pace until she becomes caught in extreme and increasingly desperate exhaustion. The camera catches her sense of anguish and fatigue. The footage keeps rolling untill she can not bear to run any more and she is completely and utterly shattered.

Stillness : a responsive video installation (collaboration: Tom Donaldson) 2003

Stillness is a responsive video installation that explores how our perceptions are effected by different emotional states. At times the audience appear centre-stage in the video, while at others they fade into invisibility. As they become physically still, the installation discards their surroundings and shows them a world that becomes richer and more dreamlike. But this dreamworld remains fragile, and any movement destroys the moment.

Release - web based project 2000

“Release” is an interactive web-based art project that explores the themes of private and public by reflecting the web’s participatory dynamics of inhabiting virtual public space from private environments.
The aim of “Release” is to create a silent conversation with each viewer, as each anonymous visitor becomes an intimate stranger. The interactivity and its interface are designed in such a way they att
empt to translate a sense of hostility and emotional instability for the viewer, as they navigate the site.

CHAMELEON: A responsive video installation exploring emotional contagion. 2008/2009

Using ‘emotional algorithms’ based on affective neuroscience studies, the piece demonstrates how we often have the uncanny ability to decode and predict the beliefs, goals and feelings of others. Each screen reads the audiences emotional expression, which in turn display the appropriate corresponding emotion. The figures move through a range of emotionals responses, often becoming immersed in sadness or anger. Over time, the figures attempt to build empathy with the audience, building an emotional homeostasis, resulting in calmness

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