Hollow created 2000 3.50 minutes

drection and sound by Tina Gonsalves

vocals: Benjamin Lyllof


Circe De Medicine Paperveins Museum Of Art Biennal NYC USA 2002

d.ART 02, dLux media arts at the 49th Sydney Film Festival, June 2002

St Kilda Film Festival Melbourne AUSTRALIA 2002


Eat Carpet - televised screening on SBS Australia 2001 -2003

European Media Arts Festival Osnabruk GERMANY 2001

The skin houses the medium of touch. Human skin, and touch, gives people a means to physically and emotionally connect. Touch enables us to ‘feel’ our environment, but skin also allows one to feel oneself, it is the embodiment of that sensation. “Hollow” explores this merging and breaking of barriers, of skin/surface/emotions, using video. “Hollow” treats the video camera as if it were a ‘diagnostic tool’ focused on the textures inscribed on the flesh, indicating of vulnerability of the body. The camera ‘scans’ the subjects’ flesh, allowing the viewer to see marks of pain, emotional trauma and disease.

Over four minutes, “Hollow” explores self-esteem, vulnerability and body image. The piece’s narrative reflects the way, I sense, a vulnerable mind might work; forever shifting, changing and drifting.