Ferment 3.26 minutes 2006

Direction: Tina Gonsalves
Neuroscientific input: Dr.Hugo Critchley
Principal Voice: Dr David Oakley

THE MONITOR: Ferment - Tina Gonsalves, 24 hr Art, NT Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin, AUSTRALIA, 2007
700IS Festival, Egilsstair, ICELAND, 2007
BBC Bigger Picture, Manchester, UK 2006
Hull Short Film Festival, Hull, UK 2006
Media Art Festival Friesland 2006
White Chapel Gallery, Wormhole Salon, London, UK 2006

How do we know how we are feeling? We have little control when strong feelings sweep us away, overwhelming us and causing havoc in reasoning. The lack of awareness of emotional feeling can also be damaging as awareness of our emotions. The ability to read emotions in both others and ourselves is central to empathy and social understanding.

On the other hand, powerful emotions can simmer beneath the threshold of awareness, impacting on how we perceive and act, even though we have no idea they are at work. “FEEL:FERMENT” highlights the emotions fermenting under the surface, emphasizing how often we don’t know how we are feeling.

Ferment, BBC Bigger Picture, Manchester Exchange Square, UK 2006