Feel Melancholia, 3_55 minutes, 2008

Direction: Tina Gonsalves Sound: Tina Gonsalves, Joel Cahen
Neuroscientific input: Dr.Hugo Critchley
Hypnosis: Dr David Oakley

European Media Arts Festival 2008

Multi-channel, Artsway, UK 2008

Go-Troppo Festival, Australia 2008

Tender Pixel, UK, 2008

FEEL SERIES, Melancholia, is part of a cinematic study exploring four emotional states. The series will
become four, three minute films emerging from an established Art/Science research
collaboration between emotion neuroscientist Dr Hugo Critchley, clinical hypnotist,
David Oakley and artist Tina Gonsalves. Melancholia is the first from the series.
Emotions are part of our everyday. Over the last ten years the artist has explored the
intimacies and vulnerabilities of human emotions through video, wearable technology,
and interactivity and installation.
The film uses hypnosis to create an emotionally potent sound track that
becomes the foundation to each film. Under hypnosis, the artist is asked to re-experience
potent emotional memories of her life. Using photography, digital and found video, the
aim is to evocatively recreate/re-imagine these memories through moving image and
sound. Through effects and edits the artist translates the emotional resonance of the
event, with the re-enactment being somewhat more evocative, whimsical and poetic than
the lived event. The memory becomes more amplified through colour, space
and texture.

Ferment, BBC Bigger Picture, Manchester Exchange Square, UK 2006