CHAMELEON PROJECT, prototype 08 : Testing new types of displays.


process blog of Prototype 08 and Light House Residency, UK Brighton

video of the development of prototype 08

CHAMELEON project, prototype 08 is an emotionally responsive video sculpture. The Chameleon Team collaborated with French artist group Experientiae Electricae to further develop Pixy, a large-scale flexible modular display. Prototype 08 integrated what has been learnt in the past prototypes converging this with the Pixy display, to provide new ways to experience the Chameleon Project, through more immersive, sculptural and evocative screens.

The displays of Pixy are built using light, electroluminescent paper, breaking down the aesthetic and resolution of the video into mono-toned, larger pixels. Interestingly, research shows that reducing the resolution of the image would not affect the emotional reading of the video portraits. Tests show the amount a visual portrait can be broken down into pixels, and the emotional tone of the face can still be read.

In an immersive process, CHAMELEON project, prototype 08, transforms the room into a moving video sculpture in direct relation both to architecture of space and to the viewer’s perception.



The project is collaboration with UK based neuroscientists prof Hugo Critchley and prof Chris Frith, affective computer scientists Prof Rosalind Picard, and Dr Rana El kaliouby at the MIT Medialab, Cambridge, and curated by Helen Sloan of SCAN. Gonsalves would like to acknowledge the in kind support from the MIT Media Lab, Banff New Media Institute, SCAN and Institute of Neurology at UCL. The project is funded by the Wellcome Trust Large Art Award, Australian Network for Art and Technology Synapse Residency, Arts Council England, Australia Arts Council inter-arts board, Australia Arts Council Visual Arts Board.