LA VULNERABILITA' VIDEO DI TINA GONSALVES, text by Silvia Scaravaggi, Digicult 2008 , April 2008

Tina Gonsalves: Unleashing emotion, text by Darren Tofts Artlink , April 2008

Digital portraits probe the contagion of emotion, words by Sandrine Ceurstemont, New Scientist March 2009

L'art et la science aident à comprendre les émotions, Atelier

Emotions run high in Tina Gonsalves' Chameleon Project at Brighton's Lighthouse, text by Adam Bambury, Culture 24 , March 2009

Innovation: Behind Microsoft's full-body gaming interface text by Colin Barras, New Scientist June 2009

Take that look off your face ..Natural History Museum, London, text by Laura Cummings, The Observer July 2009

Tina Gonsalves, Chameleon, The Argus, 2010

Tina Gonsalves reads emotions through neuroscience in interactive installation at Brighton Fabrica, text by Ben Miller, Culture 24 November 2009

Chameleon at the Dana Center, Harry Witchell, BBC interview with Jumoke-fashola on BBC london radio discussing aspects of emotional contagion, the scientific basis for it.

After Darwin: Contemporary Expressions,



Tina Gonsalves - Chameleon - prototype 7 - Lighthouse - Brighton - 14 March - 28 March 2009, text by Aura Tansjuice

Tina Gonsalves - Chameleon Project - Fabrica - Brighton - 3 Oct - 29 Nov 2009, Sarah Thompson Tansjuice

After Darwin: Contemporary Expressions and contemporary neuroscience, Arts and Ecology

A brithday in Brighton, The Eco Spot

Tina Gonsalves – Chameleon at Fabrica, text by Katy Lewis

Chameleon at Fabrica, Absent Minded Visual Art

A snapshot behind the scenes of the installation of Chameleon at Fabrica, Audio Boo