Over the Synapse Residency Award (Jan-June 2008), from the Australian Network of Art and Technology, I wrote a blog to document progress on the Chameleon Project. The blog discusses the opportunity to work with the Affective Computing Group, Media Lab, MIT, USA, working with Affective Computer Scientist, Prof Rosalind Picard, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK, working with Emotion Neuroscientist Prof Hugo Critchley, Chair of Psychiatry, (BSMS) and be based at the Wellcome Department of Neuroimaging, Queensquare, UCL, London (WDIN), working with social neuroscientist, Prof Chris Frith. I also traveled to the Banff New Media Institute to develop the visual stimulus for the Chameleon project. The blog can be found at here.

Over the two year production period of the Chameleon Project (2008/2009), a secure blog has documented work in progress (collaborative development, creative process, narrative formulation, technical, scientific and artistic methods). The blog charts changes in drection, successes, failures, and all communication between collaborators. This blog is open to the current team of the Chameleon Project. This blog will be released after the final exhibition of the work in late 2009. For the team of the Chameleon Project, the blog can be accessed here