Convergence 2.30 minutes 2001

Circe De Medicine Paperveins Museum Of Art Biennal NYC USA 2002

WOW film festival and inter/national tour (women in film and televison) 2001

Exemplary collection Australian Center of Moving Image AUSTRALIA

Eat Carpet - televised screening on SBS Australia 2001 -2003

The internal body is a filter for external world stimuli. The filters for the physical and psychological are selective, have biases, special interests, shaping who we’ll become, affecting our perceptions.

The single channel video piece, “Convergence”, explores the notion of filters, exploring how this sifting process might be visualized. “Convergence” emulates the symmetrical visual balance of the famous “Rorschach Inkblot Test”: a psychological personality test, in which a subject’s interpretations of ten abstract designs are analyzed and used to measure emotional and intellectual function.The source material for “Convergence” consists of a video of a jellyfish, standing as a metaphor for a filter.

At times the translucent look of the jellyfish flesh is reminiscent of the textures present in MRI scans of the body. Through postproduction, these translucent veils create a mesmerizing, yet ambiguous space where the viewer might make multiple interpretations: seeing brain or intestinal tissue, the caverns of the body interior or cosmic nebulae in outer space. The balanced aesthetic of the piece, while referencing the ink blots of the ‘The Rorschach Test’, also responded to Leonardo DaVinci’s “Vitruvian Man” and the dramatic VHP ‘fly through’ animations of the human body, recovering an ‘innate’ external and internal structure within nature exemplified by the human body.